Connecting fashion brands with markets

We identify the right distribution channels whether it is online, department stores, specialty stores, travel retail/duty free in the whole world .

Direct Stock sales in Europe with the brands Adidas, Reebok and Babolat

  • Worldwide distribution for actual seasons and stock sales with the brand Romero + Juliet Couture
  • Provide internal and external sales management.
  • Drive seasonal Markets.
  • Build Business Plans, open to buys (OTB) and negotiate with buyers.
  • Online department store sales.
  • Manage sales agents on behalf of the company/ brand.
  • Negotiate shop in shop spaces with target stores.
  • Track sales against goals and offer strategy advise based on performance.
  • Show the collections to buying offices.
  • Tradeshow participation: set up and look for sales force.
  • Recruit sales force if needed.

Is your fashion brand interested
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